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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Smell Of Sunshine

I love the smell of sunshine. This morning when I awoke while it was still dark (5.20 am) I woke surrounded by the smell of sunshine. My recently washed sheets and bed cover still smell like sunshine - that lovely smell of spring which bathed them while they dried on the line. Then I put my dressing gown on, and that too still smells of sunshine. I really love that smell, so much so I never ever dry my sheets or linen in the clothes dryer. What smells do you love?


  1. Oh, I'm with you - sunshine. I too woke in freshly washed sheets and oh my, were they delicious. I also love any scent of the season (jasmine = spring) and some days when I hop out of the car the wind is blowing just so and I can smell the ocean over the hill. While I love hearing, sight and taste I think the sense of smell is a thrilling one.

  2. Yep, the smell of blue skies. Nothing but blue skies and all that goes with it.

  3. I love the smell of rain on parched ground after a long dry smell as I know the rain is better than any watering we can do. The plants twinkle with raindrops as the sun comes through the clouds and the garden looks like a fairyland.
    I also love the smell and feel of fresh sheets on the bed. I don't have a clothes drier so everything that comes in from the line has that lovely fresh air sunshiny smell to it.

  4. Sorry re above comment...I obviously meant after a long dry 'spell' so forgive the silly error.

  5. I'm with the others. Rain on dry earth and Jasmine. I love those smells.

  6. Oh yes, yes, yes! Sunshine on crispy clean sheets: nothing beats it :) I think we are all a little sun-starved this year!

  7. Roses, sunshine, a baby's neck, freshly washed hair, hot chips and vinegar... so many!



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