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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Simple Things

Do you find pleasure in the simple things of life - or do you overlook these striving for the dream.
Don't ever stop striving - but sometimes take time to smell the roses - or watch a butterfly as it soars around the garden - or listen to a bird sing - or enjoy the sunshine.

Take time to appreciate the wonder of a sunset or sunrise, marvel at a rainbow, enjoy the laughter of a child, a smile of a stranger.

To often we are so caught up in following that dream that the small simple pleasures of life pass us by.

Today I am marvelling at the small spiderweb of rainbows that the prism on my window sill is spinning across my desk. The sun has gone behind the trees as it moves towards the end of its daytime journey here, and just the littlest amount is catching my prism, so rather than rainbows dashing around my room, there is a spiderweb of small interconnecting rainbows patterning - smaller and smaller as the breeze rustles the trees.

Hope you find time this weekend to leave the big stuff behind, relax and enjoy some of the small things that we can so often fail to see.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Taking The Time

Today my hubby and I caught up for lunch with some good friends of ours - we spent a few hours, eating, talking, joking and watching the wind, waves and rain out of the windows of the restaurant. We were lucky enough to be at a restaurant right on the beach.

It is so easy when you work as hard as we do, to not take the time to just do something as relaxing as sharing some time with friends.

Normally Sunday is my washing day - and today was no different, but I hung it up (under the patio) and just left it there to dry - tomorrow is soon enough to bring it in, today was about enjoyment and friendship.

I encourage you to make a point of not getting so busy just doing that you forget to enjoy the life you live. I need to remind myself of this more often as well. Time is fleeting.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Room Is Full Of Rainbows

Are you lucky enough to have a room full of rainbows? I am.

Last week one of my sisters (see this post on my other blog) gave me a prismed glass paperweight and with it came this note
"To my beautiful friend, I couldn't resist this reflection of what a wonderful person you are. Angels bless"

I knew just where to put it - on the windowsill in my study - and so here it sits today, catching the sunlight on this cold blustery Spring day - casting rainbows all around my room.

I can not help but smile every time I catch one out of the corner of my eye.
I hope you find your rainbow today and that it leads you to the pot of gold that is a true and lasting friendship.

Thank you so much JB you mean the world to me as well. xxx

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Where do you find your inspiration - I would love you share that with me here.

I find mine from nature - the ever changing seasons bring so much into our lives, in each day there is something that can be found that if you look closely enough you can find a parallel in your life - black rainy days are followed by sunshine - or maybe just a little bit of sun shining through to let you know there is light ahead.

Rainbows show you the beauty in a stormy day. Thunder and lightning is followed by peace - it is so quiet when it all finishes.

Spring days bring you sunshine and bird song - if you stop and make the time to listen. New growth all around you.

Autumn brings falling leaves and a time of change.

Summer is hot but often brings balmy evenings when you can lay outside and look up at the stars and marvel at the universe above you.

Babies and toddlers are also inspirational - the sense of wonder you see in their faces as they discover new things around them, the way they laugh so easily - without stopping to worry about what other people think, they way they cry and then put the hurt behind so them quickly - not holding on to it all.

If we could find that wonder in every day, laugh when the feeling overtook us, leave behind the hurt - how much happier we would all be.


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